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Tasmania’s recreational fishery is best known for its wild trout that have formed self-sustaining populations. Eggs are routinely harvested from these populations and grown to fry or fingerling stage for supplementing fish stocks, and adult fish are also harvested and transferred each year to those fisheries that have poor natural recruitment.

Domestic stocks (fish that have been hatchery bred and reared for more than one generation) are used where there is little or no natural recruitment, either due to inadequate spawning facilities or where there is a large population of redfin perch. Such fisheries rely entirely on stocking to sustain them and are often referred to as put and take fisheries.

Although the extent of wild trout populations in Tasmanian waters is significant, the Service supplements this with its annual stocking program. Over recent years, the Service has increased its stocking program using domestic rainbow trout, brook trout and trophy sized Atlantic salmon to entice greater interest and participation in the fishery. A Stocking Database has been compiled for stockings that have occurred at waters throughout the State over the past 20 years.

Stocking Database

The IFS has maintained a stocking database for the past five years. This lists all stockings to all waters in the State and can be searched by water name or stocking date.

The IFS generally broadcasts an alert when significant stockings have taken place, particularly in regard to the stocking of large or trophy size fish into popular fisheries. Regular stocking information and most recent updates are published in the Latest News Stories section of the website.