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Tasmania offers a range of trout fishing experiences from family style fisheries accessible from major population centres that are periodically stocked with large easy to catch domestic fish to remote wild trout fisheries in pristine highland lakes and lagoons that offer a wilderness fly fishing experience. The need for fishing advice depends on the type of fishing experience sought and the level of angling expertise.

Tackle store operators can provide a wide range of general and specific angling advice, and most also sell angling licences. A list of licence agents is available and stores are located throughout the State.

For the novice trout fisher, fishing with a more experienced angler is a proven method of learning. Angling clubs are a great source of experienced anglers who are happy to share their knowledge in practice and theory. Some of these cater for all angling methods whilst others are specifically for fly fishing. Several run programs for young anglers and novice fishers are always welcome as new members. The camaraderie amongst club members adds to the total trout fishing experience and most clubs provide for whole family involvement.

Visiting anglers are likely to enjoy their trout fishing experience more by hooking up with one of Tasmania’s professional trout guides and getting their inside knowledge about the fishery. Private fisheries are also an option for visiting anglers, budding trout fishers and families seeking more of a ‘sure bet’ trout fishing experience.

There are many excellent publications on trout fishing in Tasmania and a range of active fishing websites with useful tips and discussion forums.