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General Rules

A current angling licence is required to fish at any inland water in Tasmania* during the open season that applies to that water.

  • *unless you are under 14 years of age.
  • *apart from a registered private fishery
  • *in specified bream waters.

Inland waters include all waters on the inland side of the Seaward Limit.

Most inland waters in Tasmania follow these general rules.They are open to lure, bait and fly fishing from the start of August to the end of April and have a daily bag limit of 12 fish with a minimum fish size of 220 mm in length.

Specific regulations apply to some individual waters and species about

  • the open season,
  • fishing method (bait, lure or fly fishing),
  • fish bag limits,
  • size limits.

These are detailed in the Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code.