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Inland Fisheries Service News

Inland Fisheries Service staff member Storm Eastley undertaking elecro-fishing as a part of the 2018 Clarence Galaxias survey.
June 19, 2018

Native fish survey - Clarence galaxias

Anglers know about trout, salmon and blackfish. What about the other native fish that occur in our freshwater systems? One of the most common groups of native fish are the galaxid family (Galaxiidae).  Tasmania has 15 species from this family with 11 listed as threatened.  We monitor the most at risk including the Clarence galaxias...

A (very) oversize illegal whitebait net.
June 18, 2018

Another successful conviction

On Wednesday 6 June, Paul Nicholls appeared in the Smithton Magistrates Court. Mr Nicolls was facing seven charges relating to the illegal taking and possession of whitebait. In November 2017, our officers found Mr Nicholls at the Duck River. He was fishing for whitebait with an illegal net after the season had closed. Mr Nicholls...

Lake Mackintosh
June 1, 2018

The rainbow trout waters will close on Sunday

The 2017-18 rainbow trout season will close at midnight on Sunday 3 June 2018. Tasmania’s rainbow trout waters are: Dee Lagoon Junction Lake Lake Meston Lake Rowallan Lake Skinner Lake Youd Mersey River above Lake Rowallan River Leven upstream of Loongana Road Weld rivers (both North and South) Remember that following waters are open all...

IFS quarterly report to anglers for March to May 2018 - cover page
June 1, 2018

IFS quarterly report to anglers

Wondering what we have been doing for the last couple of months? Have a look at the IFS Quarterly Report to Anglers for March to May 2018. Highlights include The winners of the Tasmanian Trout Fishing Competition. Trout Weekend 2018. The start of the adult transfers. The new look website and online licensing.

The upgraded Kalangadoo Bay boat ramp at Lake Leake.
May 30, 2018

Lake Leake - Kalangadoo Bay boat ramp upgrade

The local community at Kalangadoo Bay have upgraded their boat ramp. Stakeholders and individuals who made cash and in-kind contributions were:  Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, Inland Fisheries Service, Todd & Janet Lambert, Australian Recreational Fishers Party, Craig Woods,Mack Saunders, Ian & Sandra Taylor, Kalangadoo Store, John Hughes, Michael & Karen Byrne and Mark Tapsell. Contractor, Paul...