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Another whitebait poacher convicted

Published on Nov. 10, 2017
Illegally taken whitebait


On Tuesday 7th November 2017 Peter Leslie Coventry of Devonport was sentenced in the Devonport Magistrates Court for offences relating to the illegal taking of whitebait.

Mr Coventry was fined $1654 and ordered to pay $82.15 in court costs for illegally taking whitebait from the Mersey River in 2015.

Mr Coventry was found guilty on three charges. The Mersey River was closed to the taking of whitebait at the time.

These penalties should serve as a warning to anyone choosing to disregard the strict regulations around the taking of whitebait.

Poaching and the illegal sale of whitebait is an ongoing threat to a long-term recovery plan for the recreational whitebait fishery.

Stephen Hepworth who is the Manager (Compliance and Operations) with the Inland Fisheries Service said “The management of the whitebait fishery is of the utmost concern to the Inland Fisheries Service, and illegal poaching activities have the potential to seriously jeopardise the ongoing sustainability of the fishery”,

Please report any suspicious behaviour to the Inland Fisheries Service on 1300 INFISH. Information such as dates, times, vehicle descriptions and registration numbers, along with any details of the people involved. A quick response improves the chances of us catching them.

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